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Manchester United manager Ferguson defends Glazer family

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Ferguson looks forward to 24th season
  • Alex Ferguson tells CNN he has "no complaints" with Man Utd owners the Glazer family
  • Glazers bought Manchester United in 2005 but debts now stand at around $1bn
  • Ferguson says he will continue as Manchester United manager as long as he is healthy
  • United boss spoke to CNN World Sport on club's pre-season tour of the U.S.

(CNN) -- Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has defended the club's American owners telling CNN he has "no complaints" with the way they have done their job.

The 18-time English league champions were bought by the Glazer family in 2005 but have long been targeted by the club's supporters for running up huge debts.

Though United have recently been rated as the world's most valuable sporting club by Forbes they still have estimated debts of over $1bn, leading many fans to call for a change of ownership.

A group of wealthy businessmen called the Red Knights tried to launch a takeover bid last season but were knocked back, and now Ferguson has insisted the current owners are doing a good job.

Is this the real Alex Ferguson?

He told CNN: "The debt has come through by the club being bought out by an owner. You know fine well that when a business is bought it's usually bought with debt.

"Because it's a football club it seems to attract a different type of negative reporting via the media and, particularly some of our fans.

"But Manchester United football club, when it went plc, it was always going to be bought. It was inevitable. So when a particular family like the Glazers have bought it, it's unfair they come in for criticism because anybody could have bought it.

I have to say [the Glazers have] done their job well. They support myself, they've supported the players.
--Alex Ferguson. Manchester United manager

"I have to say they've done their job well. They support myself, the manager, they've supported the players. I've never been refused when I've asked for money for a player.

"So what can I do other than carry on the way we're doing it and the way I'm allowed to carry on, I've no complaints.''

Ferguson is about to enter his 24th season as manager of one of the world's most high profile clubs. In that time he has won 11 English league titles and two European Cups.

Speaking to CNN World Sport anchor Terry Baddoo on the club's pre-season tour of the United States, 68-year-old Ferguson reiterated his desire to continue as manager as long as he retains his health.

He said: "I'm at the right club, it's a fantastic club, it demands a challenge all the time. Every day, every year there's the challenge of being at the top and that helps me. I think you need good natural energy and I've been blessed with that.

"What you have to do is maintain the success of the club and make sure no matter when I quit the club is always in good hands and that's when I come back to the point about having young players.

"There's no need for a complete overhaul of the playing squad. I've got 12 players aged 21 or under which means the future should be pretty secure with them.

"Whenever I do go, and I don't seeing that being tomorrow, having my health is important. If I've got my health I can carry on. There will be a point when I do quit but when it is I've absolutely no idea.

"I tried it a few years ago and it was an absolute disaster. My wife made me change my mind and she was dead right. But when the time comes, I think the club should be ok."