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Ferrari chief predicts 'big battle' for F1 crown

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Ferrari boss talks F1 season
  • Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo predicts "big battle" for Formula 1 world title
  • Five drivers are separated by 25 points with four races of the season remaining
  • Montezemolo calls for big teams to be allowed to lend third car to smaller teams

(CNN) -- Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo is predicting a fight to the finish in the race to crown this year's Formula One world champion and has renewed his attack on the smaller teams struggling to keep pace with their more illustrious rivals.

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has won the past two races to surge back into contention in one of the closest title races in years.

With four races remaining, five drivers are still in with a chance of taking the crown, with Alonso 11 points behind leader Mark Webber of Red Bull.

The McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and defending champion Jenson Button, and the Red Bull of Sebastien Vettel, are all within 25 points of Webber.

"It will be a big battle," Montezemolo told CNN. "Our season has been strange because we won the first race, then we had troubles, but in the last five races we won three so I think we are in very good shape and I always think Ferrari is in condition to win the championship.

"My goal is to have Ferrari always on top."

I don't like to see cars which are five seconds slower over the course of one lap. This is not Formula 1
--Luca Di Montezemolo

In an otherwise vintage year for the sport, Montezemolo has been disappointed by the discrepancy between the fastest and the slowest teams on the track.

The three new teams -- Lotus, Virgin and Hispania -- have failed to record a single point between them all season, often finishing several laps behind the main contenders.

Montezemolo's solution would be to allow the bigger teams to run a third car, which would be loaned to one of the smaller teams.

"Some teams are very slow," he said. "This is the weakest part of Formula 1. I don't like to see cars which are five seconds slower over the course of one lap. This is not Formula 1.

"We would like to have a third car that we would give to a smaller team. I think it would be far better to see a team with one car Ferrari or McLaren, than to see them so slow. I think this has to be the future, like it was in the 70s."

Montezemolo has been president of Ferrari since 1991 and presided over the Michael Schumacher era, when the German driver won five straight world titles with the Italian team between 2000 and 2004.

Montezemolo said he was not surprised by Schumacher's return to the sport with Mercedes GP this season, but was happy with his own roster of drivers.

"I will never forget what he did for Ferrari and he will never forget what Ferrari did for him, but I'm very happy with Fernando Alonso, he's a fantastic driver," he said.