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'BioShock Infinite' moves adventures to the sky

"Bioshock Infinite" features the search for the lost sky city of Columbia and, of course, troubles once you find it.
"Bioshock Infinite" features the search for the lost sky city of Columbia and, of course, troubles once you find it.
  • "BioShock Infinite" will employ team that made original in popular series
  • The game moves adventure to the skies, features detective seeking a lost city
  • The new game is expected in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

(CNN) -- Hoping to continue the success of its BioShock franchise, 2K Games announced that "BioShock Infinite" will be produced by the team that created the game's original title.

The new installment is expected sometime in 2012.

"BioShock Infinite" will be set in 1912, but takes the adventure out of the water, like the last game, and into the sky.

Irrational Games, the studio that created the undersea "BioShock Rapture" adventure, will be placing the player in Columbia, an immense city in the sky.

The premise of the story is that Columbia is launched with much fanfare as a symbol of growing U.S. power in the world. Predictably, something goes wrong, and the city disappears into the clouds to whereabouts unknown.

The main character is former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who is sent to find the lost city and rescue a young woman imprisoned there since childhood.

Battles will be set both indoors and among the clouds, using new weapons and abilities not previously seen in the BioShock series.

"We are excited to expand the world of BioShock," Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, said in a news release Thursday. "We believe that Irrational Games will lend their meticulous attention to detail and unique storytelling expertise to make 'BioShock Infinite' an incredible entertainment experience that will immerse new and diehard fans of BioShock alike."

Irrational Games has said that there are no sacred cows in the BioShock mythos and that they were able to take liberties to rethink, rebuild and expand the BioShock arsenal.

Creative director Ken Levine said, "The only thing gamers can be certain of is this: the rules of the BioShock universe are about to change."

"BioShock Infinite" is expected to be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime in 2012.


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