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At last, a hi-tech superyacht that can fly

  • The "Flying Yacht" is the brainchild of Yelken Octuri, an interior cabin designer for Airbus
  • The design aims to push the boundaries of aviation design with fanciful and outlandish ideas
  • Although only a design at present, Octuri has received interest from aircraft engineers
  • Along with other futuristic concepts Octuri exhibited his designs at Paris' Air and Space Museum

London, England (CNN) -- Need to get your superyacht from the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean to the glamorous Mediterranean in a hurry? Not a problem when your luxury vessel transforms into a sleek jetplane at the click of a button.

That's exactly what Yelken Octuri's "Flying Yacht" design would do if built. Octuri, a French cabin designer for Airbus, has combined his knowledge of aircraft design with his love of the seas to create the outlandish concept yacht.

Although currently rooted in the realm of science fiction, the "superyacht with wings" has garnered much attention, with Octuri's designs recently exhibited at Paris' Air and Space Museum.

It's just one of a number of futuristic concepts by the designer, who aims to push the boundaries of aviation design.

My approach when I started was not really to make something feasible. The main idea was to generate innovative concepts
--Yelken Octuri, designer of the "Flying Yacht" concept.
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He told CNN: "My approach when I started was not really to make something feasible. The main idea was to generate innovative concepts.

"For me it was just a fantasy project. Most of the futuristic aircraft concepts out there are all the same. I wanted to avoid that and create something original -- to inspire new ideas."

But Octuri's ideas might not be as far-fetched as they seem: A number of engineers and aircraft designers have approached Ocuri to talk about realizing his concept.

"The feedback I've been getting tells me, with more thinking, this project could be made. Of course it is a very specialist market. Maybe some parts will need to be reworked to consider the aerodynamics and structure, etcetera, but it could work," he told CNN.

According to Octuri, the 46-meter "Flying Yacht" transforms from superyacht to glamorous jetplane thanks to its mobile masts.

When on the water the four masts, each reaching a height of 40-meters, can be individually oriented through a double-jack system -- ensuring optimal positioning regardless of wind direction.

When it's time to take off, the masts are lowered to become horizontal wings. Sails are stored in compartments located inside each mast -- a design feature Ocuri took from existing superyacht "The Maltese Falcon."

On board, the vessel doesn't skimp on luxury. There are two main decks -- the lower deck houses the main room, kitchen and toilet, while the upper deck contains three plush bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom.


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