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What's inside the $1 million advent calendar?

  • Two-meter tall aluminum advent calendar contains 24 gifts designed by Porsche
  • Includes chronograph watch, custom-built designer kitchen and luxury yacht
  • At a retail price of $1 million, only five of the calendars are in production

(CNN) -- Forget cheap chocolates, you are more likely to bag a yacht or a designer kitchen if you open one of the windows in a new $1 million advent calendar.

Standing two meters tall and rendered from brushed aluminum, the "calendar" looks more like a sophisticated art installation than a festive timetable. But it's behind the 24 luminous windows -- representing each December day before Christmas -- that the real surprises are hidden.

They include a pair of 18 carat gold sunglasses, aluminum fountain pens, a lambskin jacket, a limited edition chronograph watch, a customizable designer kitchen and, to crown it all, a luxury eight-meter yacht.

There are currently only five of the exclusive calendars being made by German car manufacturers, Porsche, the company behind the idea, and only one can be sold on any continent in which they do business.

"This is the first time we've ever offered such an item," Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group, told CNN. "We think it will make for a very precious Christmas."

The yacht, "Royal Falcon Fire 28" or "RFF28" was specifically designed by Porsche for the calendar. It has a 525 horsepower engine, making it more powerful than many of the company's most popular cars.

We think it will make for a very precious Christmas.
--Dr. Juergen Gessler, Porsche Design Group

"The motor yacht showcases the timeless, purist and functional design which characterizes all of our products," Gessler told CNN.

Of course, the super-stylish vessel won't actually fit inside the calendar's aluminum tower, but will be depicted by a neatly mounted back-lit photograph -- tantalizingly concealed behind one of its sleek black panes.

Not that its new owner will have to travel far to pick it up: "We'll make arrangements with the buyer as to what port he or she wants it delivered to." Christian Weiss, Porsche Design Group's head of public relations, told CNN.

So far, Porsche has received one serious request. But from who? "The person wants to stay completely anonymous," said Weiss. "So, I'm afraid that I cannot tell you."

And yet, for all the rare and luxuriant consumer goods you get for your $1 million, the extravagant calendar is missing one crucial ingredient.

Weiss told CNN: "There will definitely not be any chocolate in the calendar."


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