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Want a white iPhone 4? It's good to be 'The Woz'

Doug Gross
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shows off his white iPhone 4, a much-anticipated model that still eludes average consumers.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shows off his white iPhone 4, a much-anticipated model that still eludes average consumers.
  • During interview, Steve Wozniak shows off an elusive white iPhone 4
  • White version has been delayed multiple times, spring release now planned
  • "The Woz" said he carries 5-10 phones all the time to compare them
  • In email, Wozniak suggests that white phone might have been a fake

[UPDATE]: After this first post ran, Wozniak suggested that his white phone may not be the real deal. Note comments at the end of the post.

(CNN) -- Still waiting for your white iPhone 4?

Apparently, The Woz isn't.

At an interview last week at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reached into his pocket and, with a flash, revealed that he's already using perhaps the most elusive gadget in the tech world.

"I've got three [phones] in my pockets right now, including my white iPhone," said Wozniak, who donated computer artifacts to the museum.

A reporter said he felt like he'd just seen a unicorn.

"What?" responded a laughing Woz. "I never heard a unicorn. But I've got a black one too."

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 in June, it was promised in both black and white.

But then, the white phone's release was delayed. Then delayed again. And again.

Apple has cited unspecified production problems for the delays. The most recent estimate is that the white phones will finally be available to the average consumer in the spring.

Wozniak, who left his full-time post with Apple in the late '80s but continues a close working relationship with CEO Steve Jobs, may have had an inside track on snagging the much-anticipated white phone.

Then again, he might not notice one extra phone. Wozniak said he routinely carries around between five and 10 of them.

"Because I'm always comparing them ...," he said. "I've got a complicated phone life."

On Wednesday, Wozniak suggested to CNN that the phone that he called "my white iPhone" might have merely been a modified black one.

"Could be stickers?" he wrote in an e-mail. "It's modded -- which introduces defects -- so I carry a black one also."

CNN touched base with him after Apple-news blog 9to5 Mac reported that a reader e-mailed Wozniak about this post, and that Woz suggested the phone might be modified with a kit a Chinese teenager was selling before being shut down by Apple.

Wozniak said something similar Wednesday to CNN. "I saw a post and got in quick and ordered my set of parts," he wrote.

Which doesn't sound exactly the same as "That was not a real white iPhone" to us.

But duly noted, sir.


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