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'Cell phone' spotted in silent film from 1928

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Time traveling cell phone?
  • Internet writers say they've spotted a "cell phone" from 1928
  • The supposed phone is seen in the background of a Charlie Chaplin movie

(CNN) -- It's not shocking to see a woman talking on her cell phone while walking down the street. It is, however, shocking when the woman is an extra in a silent film from 1928.

Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" is getting internet buzz with a clip from the black-and-white comedy spreading at viral speed.

The clip -- a DVD extra spotted by filmmaker George Clarke -- shows a woman holding what some say appears to be a mobile phone to her ear and talking.

The only explanation: She's a time traveler.

At least that's the word on the Web.

In the late 1920s, Chaplin was nominated for an Academy Award for acting, writing, directing and producing "The Circus," but he was taken out of the running and presented with a "Special Award" instead.

Perhaps the Academy didn't think it was fair to include him in the race -- what with the use of technology from the future and all.

We're just curious who operates her mobile network.


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