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Airline's Lady Gaga 'safety dance' goes viral

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Airline's safety dance goes viral
  • Cebu Pacific Air is giving a choreographed safety demo
  • A YouTube video of the performance by fight attendants has gone viral
  • Passengers get a standard safety demo, then the dance version, the airline says
  • Safety comes first, but the airline says it knows how to have fun, too

(CNN) -- Lady Gaga is on board in spirit, and she's part of the safety demonstration -- how to put on your seat belt, how to put on the oxygen mask if needed.

The American singer's song "Just Dance" serves as background music for a safety demonstration aboard some Cebu Pacific Air flights. Several of the Philippine airline's flight attendants do the "safety dance" in choreographed moves in a YouTube video that has gone viral.

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"The safety demo dance rendition is just another way to bring out our fun culture and showcase our homegrown talents. We plan to roll this out onto more flights after receiving great commendations from the global public," said Candice Iyog, the airline's vice president for marketing and distribution.

Passengers get the standard serious safety demo, followed by the dance, she said.

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"We do not compromise safety in anything we do, and it will remain our primary concern. We just really know how to have fun too," Iyog said.

A demo of the dance was done at cruising altitude on one flight from Manila to Butuan, with passengers applauding the performance.

Lady Gaga's song is about getting out on the dance floor at a club, but some of the lyrics could be stretched for a flight:

I've had a little bit too much.

All of the people start to rush.

Start to rush babe.

A dizzy twister dance.

Can't find my drink or man.

Where are my keys, I lost my phone.

What's going on on the floor?