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Anti-Bullying Resources for Parents and Teachers

  • Parents and teachers can use this CNN Student News resource to address the topic of bullying with their students

(CNN Student News) -- November 10, 2010

Note to Parents and Teachers: CNN Student News has compiled the following tips, discussion questions, videos, articles and online resources that can be used to address bullying with students.

Tips for Talking For Parents: Here are a few tips for setting the tone on bullying discussions with your kids

• Initiate conversations with your kids about their school day. Allow them to talk about the good and not-so-good experiences that they have.

• Promote self-esteem and confidence by reminding your child of his or her unique talents and qualities.

• Do a lot of listening as one way of creating a trusting atmosphere between your child and you.

• Keep the lines of communication open.

Questions for Discussion For Parents and Teachers: Use some or all of these questions as a way to jumpstart conversations about bullying.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

What's your definition of bullying? What are some examples of bullying behavior, both physical and non-physical?

How can some kids use text messaging, social networks, and other non-physical means to bully someone? Have you ever heard the term "cyberbullying"? What does it mean? How do you think that cyberbullying might affect a person who is its target?

What are some examples of aggressive behavior? Why do you think that some people choose to behave aggressively as their way of dealing with others? Do you think that this behavior can be changed? Explain.

Peer Pressure and Bystanders

Have you ever felt pressure to bully someone or to join in bullying with others? What thoughts did you consider before you made the decision to be part of the bullying or not to be part of it? How did you ultimately respond?

How do you think someone feels when he or she is being bullied? Have you ever seen someone being bullied? What, if anything, did you do? Would you do anything differently if you are in that situation in the future?

What do you think the role of a bystander should be in a bullying situation? As a bystander, what response are you most comfortable with? Would you help someone who is the target of bullying behavior? If so, how? If not, what would prevent you from helping? What do you think might happen if no one helps the target of a bully?

Responding to Bullying

Have you ever been the target of bullying behavior? If so, how did it make you feel? How did you respond? Do you think there were other ways that you could have responded? Why did you choose the response that you did?

What is your personal plan of action if you are bullied or see someone being bullied? Is there a staff member at school who will help you if you want to report bullying behavior that you witness or experience? Who else might you talk to about it?

Friendship and Respect

What are your thoughts on friendship? What is more important to you: having a lot of friends or having a few good friends? How do you decide who your friends are? How do you decide to treat others who are not friends of yours?

How would you explain "respect"? Is it possible to respect a person but not like that person? Do you think that respect for others is important? Why or why not?

What could you do to set an example of respect? How might your respect for others benefit you? How might an atmosphere of mutual respect impact a class, a school and a community?

CNN Videos

Anderson Cooper hosts a town hall special on bullying titled "Bullying: No Escape" with special guests including Dr. Phil McGraw and American Idol's Crystal Bowersox. Four segments from that special can be seen here:

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The authors of the book "Mean Girls, Meaner Women" discuss with CNN's John Roberts why we appear to see an increase in bullying Video

Dr. Phil McGraw joins CNN's Anderson Cooper to discuss bullying and what parents can do to stop it Video

CNN's Anderson Cooper sits down with a group of students who share their experiences with being bullied at school Video

AC 360: Are bullying laws strict enough? Video

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