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American shot, robbed in South Africa

From Robyn Curnow, CNN
  • American man shot, robbed on Johannesburg street
  • Man arrived this week to backpack through South Africa
  • He is now in stable condition

Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN) -- An American man on vacation in South Africa was shot after being robbed on the street in Johannesburg, police said Thursday.

David James Bueche, 35, arrived in the country Wednesday from Los Angeles, South African police spokeswoman Sally de Beer said. He was planning to backpack and hadn't arrived specifically for the World Cup, she said.

Soon after arriving in Johannesburg, Bueche was walking on a street on the outskirts of Alexandra township in Johannesburg when four men followed him in a car and assaulted him, de Beer said.

They robbed Bueche of his backpack, which held his cash, clothes, and passport, and shot him. Bueche now has a bullet wound under his right arm, she said.

Bueche made his way to a nearby house, where the occupants called an ambulance and the U.S. Embassy. He is now in stable condition at a hospital.

Police have opened a case of attempted murder and armed robbery, de Beer said.