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Global Connections

How you connected Angola and Australia

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Global connection: Angola-Australia
  • Highlights of some of the connections viewers and readers made between Australia and Angola
  • Both countries are rich raw materials and mineral resources
  • They both also have a great sporting rivalry with South Africa
  • Up for another challenge? Try connecting our next set of countries: South Korea and Poland

Global Connections, a segment on CNN's Connect the World, takes two very different countries and asks you to find the connections between them. Here we highlight the links readers made between Australia and Angola.

(CNN) -- For our seventh set of countries, we asked you to connect Australia and Angola. Both countries start with the letter, "A," but beyond that, their links aren't that apparent.

Even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales Video was initially stumped. He told CNN's Max Foster that it was difficult to connect the two because they're located in such different places and have such different cultures and economies.

But Wales was able to come up with some connections. He noted that China is having a big impact on both countries. China, which we featured on Global Connections last week, is buying a lot of oil from Angola and recently signed a big deal for natural gas with Australia.

Blog commenter "Yu-Chuan Gan" also made the resource connection, pointing out that both Angola and Australia are rich in raw materials and mineral resources.

Map: See the countries that have been connected so far

Fellow commenter "Roman" noted that both countries have been ruled by Europeans in the past. Angola was a Portuguese colony while the British settled Australia. "Roman" also added that the two countries have similar populations.

Video: What links Angola and Australia?
Video: Delta Goodrem's serenade

We also heard from "John Miller," who linked the two countries via sport. Both countries have a great traditional sporting rivalry with South Africa.

We've been enjoying the personal stories you've been sharing. This week we heard from "D Brian Long," who grew up in Angola but went to school in Zambia, where he was taught by an Australian. As a result, he said he returned to Angola with a thick, Australian accent!

We also spoke to Australian singer and songwriter Delta Goodrem Video. She told us that she can spot an Aussie a mile away, and that the country is free spirited and encourages an open mindset.

Australia and Angola both have great natural beauty, a connection many of you made. "Daniel" wrote on the blog that animals are symbols for both countries. Australia's well known for its kangaroos and koalas, while Angola's national icon is the giant sable antelope.

We also looked a little closer at Australian wildlife, focusing on the debate about what to do about the country's wild camel problem.

Please keep submitting your comments and ideas. The next pair of countries we're looking at is South Korea and Poland. Try taking our quiz to see how much you know about these two countries.

As always, if you make any connections, leave us a message on the blog. As usual, we'll select the best to feature on Connect the World.

Happy connecting!