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Grenade thrown at Mexican TV station; no injuries

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Report: "Men in trucks" launched a grenade at television station
  • Employees were shaken up, but unhurt

(CNN) -- A grenade thrown by unknown attackers damaged apartments near a television station office in Monterrey, Mexico, on Sunday, but there were no reports of injuries, the country's state-run Notimex agency reported.

The incident occurred at about 1:15 a.m. Sunday (2:15 a.m. ET), the agency said. "Men in trucks" threw the device at the entrance to the television station.

"The grenade exploded under a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, which was badly damaged," according to Notimex. "It damaged a television live truck." Glass shattered in the apartment building, which was facing the entrance, Notimex said.

Although employees were shaken up, no one was injured, the report said. Military patrols were not able to capture the grenade-throwers.

Saturday night, a similar grenade attack occurred on the offices of Televisa in the city of Matamoros, Notimex said. The building was damaged but there were no reports of injuries.

A similar incident occurred in January 2008 at Televisa, located in Monterrey's city center, Notimex said.

CNN's Esprit Smith contributed to this report.