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Canada aids cruise ship stuck in the Arctic Ocean

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Canadian cruise ship freed by icebreaker
  • The Canadian coast guard is ferrying passengers from the ship
  • The are being taken to a small town on the shore of the Arctic Ocean
  • Some 128 passengers and roughly 69 crew members are thought to be on board
  • The ship ran aground an unmapped rock on Friday
  • Canada
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Cruises

(CNN) -- The Canadian coast guard began ferrying passengers on Sunday from a cruise ship that ran aground on an unmapped rock.

Officials aboard the Clipper Adventurer reported their troubles on Friday. The crew failed to dislodge the ship during high tide on Saturday, while Sunday, a coast guard icebreaker arrived to transport the people on board to land.

No one of the estimated 128 passengers and 69 crew members were hurt or injured, said Theresa Nichols, a spokeswoman with the Canadian coast guard.

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"They are in the midst of completing the operation of ferrying the passengers off," she said. "That operation should be just about finished."

The passengers are being taken to Kugluktuk, a small town on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, where accommodations have been arranged by the cruise ship company, said Nichols. They are then expected to fly to the Canadian city of Edmonton.

The grounded vessel is stable, but rests with a slight list, according to the company that operates the cruise ship, Adventure Canada.

"Weather remains favourable as passengers continue to enjoy onboard programming and hospitality," the company said in a statement.