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Global Connections

Celebrating the connections between Brazil and Nigeria

By Matthew Knight for CNN

  • We asked "what connects Brazil and Nigeria?" And hundreds of you responded
  • Both share a passion for carnivals and the melodrama of a telenovela
  • Brazil and Nigeria both have some of the most committed football supporters in the world
  • Both countries are home to rich areas of biodiversity with their rainforests

London, England (CNN) -- Each week, Global Connections takes two countries and asks you to find connections between them. In our first week, we chose Brazil and Nigeria.

Thank you for all your comments on the blog. Here are just some of the links you found between the countries, as well of some of the other highlights of the week.

Many of you, including "Mukhtar Umar," "Ikpono Utuk" and "Perpetua I Uku" noted that both nations know how to throw a good party with their colorful and vibrant carnivals Video.

"Daibah garba" pointed out that both countries are blessed with thick rainforests. Conservationists in Nigeria are currently trying to preserve what is left (less than 10 percent) of what was once a vast center of biodiversity.

"Drake Fruit," "Victor Eastman," "Ojewe victor," "ade" and many others correctly linked 1996 Olympic champions, Nigeria and five-times World Cup winners Brazil as countries that share a nation-wide passion for football Video.

Video: Global Connections: Nigeria and Brazil
Video: How soap operas connect Brazil, Nigeria
Video: Nigeria, Brazil and a shared passion
Track the countries via our interactive map

Read our exclusive interview with Nigerian football legend Kanu to find out his thoughts on his homeland.

We also spoke to the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho about Brazil's special brand of alchemy.

"John Torres" and several others correctly linked both country's love of a telenovela Video.

As well as being an avid consumer of telenovelas, Brazil makes some of the most successful ones too. CNN spoke to media expert Carolina Acosta-Alzuru about the Latin melodramas with a message.

There were plenty of other connections that sadly, we didn't get time to cover. But please keep your comments coming in and get your thinking caps on for next week's countries.

We want you to try and find common ground between Sweden and Malaysia. Click here to leave you suggestions and we will feature the best of them on the show next week. Happy connecting!