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Mexican mayor and aide found dead in truck

From the CNN Wire Staff
  • Both men were bound and blindfolded and had severe head wounds, official report said
  • The killings occurred in Michoacan state, in western Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- The mayor of a small town in western Mexico and his personal secretary were found dead Monday in the official's truck, the government-run news service said.

Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Cervantes had taken over the top post in the city of Tancitaro in December 2009, after Mayor Trinidad Meza Sanchez resigned the post due to pressure from drug traffickers, Notimex said.

Sanchez's secretary, Rafael Equihua, also was found dead in the mayor's Ford truck, the news agency said.

The two men were bound and blindfolded and had severe head wounds, Notimex said. Mexican media reported that the two men had been stoned to death, but authorities had not confirmed that Tuesday morning.

Their bodies were found in the Angahuan indigenous community in Michoacan state, Notimex said. A drug cartel known as La Familia Michoacan is active in the area, but officials gave no indication the two men were killed by narcotraffickers.

Margarita Soriano Pantoja will take over in Tancitaro until the state legislature names an interim mayor, Notimex said.