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Afghan blast kills 3, wounds 11

By Matiullah Mati, CNN
  • NEW: Five service members killed in separate incidents Sunday
  • Bomb placed in a cart and remotely detonated
  • 2nd fatal bombing in Kandahar this weekend
  • Police chief says insurgents targeting crowded areas

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Suspected insurgents placed a bomb in a cart and remotely detonated it while a police vehicle drove by in Afghanistan's Kandahar province Sunday morning.

The ensuing explosion killed two civilians and a police officer, the provincial governor's office said. Eleven others were wounded.

Elsewhere, five members of the NATO-led military force were killed in separate incidents Sunday. Three service members were killed in a vehicle accident in southern Afghanistan, one died as a result of an improvised explosive device in southern Afghanistan, and another was killed following an insurgent attack in the eastern part of the country.

Sunday's cart bomb was placed in front of a mosque in the Panjwai district, the governor's office said.

Sardar Mohammad Zazai, the province's police chief, said insurgents are increasingly leaving bombs in crowded areas to exact a high civilian toll.

On Saturday, a bicycle bomb exploded in front of the Red Cross office in the southern Afghan province, killing a policeman and injuring 11 people, authorities said.

Militants placed the makeshift bomb on a bicycle and detonated it by remote control at noon, Zazai said.