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6 killed at amusement park in China

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Amusement park accident leaves six dead in China
  • Passengers said they smelled burning before accident
  • The incident is being investigated
  • China

Beijing, China (CNN) -- An accident on a ride at a Chinese amusement park has left six dead, and several more injured, Chinese media agencies reported Tuesday.

The passengers on a simulated rocket ride said that the smell of burning electronics and a sudden loss of power preceded the deadly incident at the Overseas Chinese Town East facility in Shenzhen, witnesses told Xinhua news agency.

The Hong Kong-based Ming Pao newspaper reported that one of the 11 capsules on the "Space Journey" ride came detached, slamming into others and leading to the deaths and at least 10 others being injured.

Government officials said only that the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, while the area surrounding the ride will be closed Wednesday.

The park is popular with Hong Kong residents traveling to the mainland.