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Filipino politician gunned down

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Fernando Baldomero was shot in front of his house
  • He belonged to the leftist Bayan Muna party
  • Baldomero, 61, was a councilman and provincial coordinator for the party
  • It was not the first attempt on his life

(CNN) -- A Filipino politician and party leader was shot to death in front of his house Monday, party officials said.

Fernando Baldomero, councilman and provincial coordinator for the Bayan Muna party, was killed while he was preparing to take his child to school, according to a Bayan Muna statement.

Baldomero, 61, was a second-term councilman and an official of the Makabayan Coalition, which brings together leftist groups.

"He is the 145th Bayan Muna member to fall victim to extrajudicial killings in the country and the first activist and elected local government official slain under the (Benigno) Aquino administration," the party said in a statement. Aquino took office last week.

"We demand an immediate and thorough investigation on the possible involvement of military and military-backed death squads in this continuing climate of impunity against government critics. Baldomero is the first and should be the last victim of extrajudicial killing under the Aquino government," said Teodoro Casiño, a Bayan Muna representative and friend of Baldomero's.

Citing media reports, the party said two people waited outside of Baldomero's home and shot him with .45-caliber pistols. Four shells were found at the scene, the party said.

Monday was not the first attempt on the politician's life.

On March 19, two men riding a motorbike with no plates threw two grenades at his house, one which exploded in his kitchen, the party said. No one was injured.

"The death toll of activists must be stopped. As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, President Aquino should rein in the military and their death squads to put an end to the impunity that was nurtured by his despised predecessor," Bayan Muna President Satur Ocampo said.