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Typhoon to hit Philippines on Tuesday, forecasters say

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Winds are expected to reach 86 mph (139 kph)
  • Residents will see strong winds and flooding
  • Residents warned to stay out of rain due to lightning dangers
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  • Philippines

(CNN) -- A typhoon was expected to make landfall on the Philippines late Tuesday, CNN meteorologists say.

Tropical Storm Conson was producing 69 mph (111 kph) winds Monday. But the wind was forecast to pick up to 86 mph (139 kph), turning Conson into a typhoon. A typhoon of this size is similar to a Category 2 hurricane.

The typhoon was predicted to cause flooding and strong winds.

Authorities warned residents in Manila, the nation's capital, not to venture into the rain due to strong dangers posed by lightning.