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Drone strike in Pakistan kills 16

From Reza Sayah, CNN
  • The missiles hit in South Waziristan
  • The U.S. military rarely comments on drone strikes in Pakistan
  • Pakistan
  • The Taliban

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan's tribal region killed 16 alleged militants Saturday morning, Pakistani officials told CNN.

Local government official Ghafoor Shah said the drone fired at least five missiles at a suspected militant compound in South Waziristan, a district in Pakistan's tribal region along the Afghan border.

Pakistani military officials say South Waziristan was the nerve center of the Pakistani Taliban until a major army offensive last year chased most of the Taliban fighters away.

The U.S. military routinely offers no comment on reported drone attacks. However, it is the only country operating in the region known to have the ability to launch missiles from drones, which are controlled remotely.