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Survivors describe terrifying ordeal inside bus

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Surviving the Manila standoff
  • Amy Leung's husband and two daughters were killed during the siege and her son injured
  • Mrs Leung: "Part of me wanted to be killed together with my husband"
  • She asked why authorities had not acted sooner to save passengers on the bus

(CNN) -- The wife of one of the victims of the Philippines bus gunman has told reporters that she pretended to be dead in order to survive.

Former police officer Rolando Mendoza, upset at having lost his job, held a busload of tourists from Hong Kong hostage in Manila on Monday, and killed eight of them before being shot dead.

Amy Leung was enjoying the last day of a family holiday in Manila when the gunman boarded with an M16 automatic rifle.

Her husband and two daughters were killed in the ensuing gun battle, and her son is being treated in intensive care for injuries he sustained.

"My husband was very brave," Mrs Leung said.

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"He rushed out from the back of the bus to try to stop the killer. He ended up giving his life.

"Part of me wanted to be killed together with my husband, but then I think of my children. I think that at least one of us should save ourselves to care for them."

She told reporters that she pretended to be dead in order to survive.

"My husband is dead -- I really miss him.

"Why did authorities not rescue us, there were so many of us on the bus. Why did no-one come to rescue us -- It's so cruel? Why?

"We were in there for so many hours. No-one came to help us. So many lives were taken.

"Why did you not help us earlier? I'm not blaming the central government, but the Philippines government. I can't accept why they could do that.

"The gunman did not want to kill us, but when negotiations failed, he opened fire. Why can't they give the money? I don't understand why they can't give the money."

The tour group was scheduled to leave for Hong Kong early Wednesday evening with about 60 officials and family members on a chartered flight from Manila.