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From Capri to Brisbane: One family's 302-day sailing odyssey

  • Mike and Judy Ryan sailed the world with their three young children.
  • They traveled through the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific
  • Highlights: Orangutans, land-diving natives and impossibly beautiful coastlines

Anyone who has ever owned a boat has probably dreamed of cruising around the world on it. Sadly, very few of us actually do. Work, kids, health or other commitments usually gets in the way of our ambitions.

Mike and Judy Ryan were no different, with three young daughters and a hectic hotel business to run. But in 2007, they decided they had waited long enough to fulfil their dream. Back then their youngest daughter Fiona was just eight years old, Madeleine was ten and Justine 12.

Mike had come to the end of a major project launching the Ritz Carlton hotel on Grand Cayman and Judy was preparing to move the family to London.

Nine months and a handful of charters later to help determine the size and style of yacht they'd need and they were ready to set sail in their newly acquired 40-meter sailing yacht "Tenaz."

With two live aboard tutors to home school the kids and a crew of six including their first mate and future Captain Amy Galloway, their nine-month adventure was about to begin.

Click through the numbered panels to read excerpts from their remarkable journey gleaned from Judy's blog.

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