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Global Connections

How you connected Poland and South Korea

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What do S. Korea, Poland have in common?
  • Highlights of some of the connections viewers and readers made between Poland and South Korea
  • Both countries have a love of fermented cabbage
  • They are also both two of the hardest working nations in the world

Global Connections, a segment on CNN's Connect the World, takes two very different countries and asks you to find the connections between them. Here we highlight the links readers made between Poland and South Korea.

(CNN) -- It's the end of week eight, and true to form you've found some amazing connections between South Korea and Poland.

Ken Jennings Video, 74-time champion of U.S. game show Jeopardy and author of the book "Brainiac," started off the week with a few personal connections of his own.

Having grown up in South Korea, he told CNN's Becky Anderson how his knowledge of the country helped succeed at the trivia show.

"I remember earning a huge amount of money for knowing which parallel divides North and South Korea -- which I thought was an unfair advantage having grown up 50 miles away," he said.

Map: See the countries we have been connecting

Pickled cabbage made plenty of appearances in connections, with both Jennings and numerous blog commenters noting that the two countries share a love of the fermented vegetable.

Blog commenter "Jason Jeon" also noted that South Korea and Poland were ranked first and second in a table of nations with the longest working hours compiled by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Video: Religion unites Poland and South Korea
Video: Ken Jennings' South Korea, Poland trivia

Many of you pointed out that in the midst of a global recession, South Korea and Poland both have very robust economies.

If you're curious about Korean culture, you can always submit a question to the blogger behind "Ask a Korean!" The Q and A blog fields questions about Korean culture.

We also spoke to South Korean figure skating starlet and Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna. Now living in Los Angeles, she told us she missed "chatting with my friends and family and having a good laugh over a simple meal."

As always, we've been enjoying your personal connections. Korean Michelle Hong wrote in to describe her and her Polish husband's two very special links -- their 15-month old twin girls.

Many thanks for all your comments and connections over the last eight weeks. It's been a great journey and one we could not have made without your help.

We've been amazed at the links you've made between Brazil and Nigeria; Sweden and Malaysia; Panama and the UAE; India and Germany; Canada and Ivory Coast; China and Turkey; and of course, Poland and South Korea.

As always -- happy connecting!