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At least five killed in Iraq car bomb

By Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • Attack was in a medical compound
  • Mosul is a predominately Sunni city in Nineveh province

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- At least five people were killed and 15 wounded when a car bomb exploded Sunday in a medical compound in Mosul, Iraq, police and health officials said.

The compound includes a number of clinics, hospitals and the Mosul medical college, officials said.

Iraqi security forces removed civilian cars from the compound because intelligence information indicates the possibility of another attack, Mosul police said.

The morning explosion happened during peak traffic when clients and patients were visiting the compound, according to authorities.

Mosul is a predominately Sunni city in Nineveh province.

Al Qaeda is active in the province and security officials believe there are sleeping cells of al Qaeda and other insurgency groups.

Earlier this month, Iraq's Ministry of Defense announced that eight suspected members of a terrorist cell were arrested in Mosul.

Nineveh is an ethnically-mixed province that includes Sunni arabs, Shiite arabs, Kurdish, Shiite Turkmen and Yazidi.

Mosul is about 420 kilometers ( 261 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad.