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Two die in attack on Bangladeshi lawmaker's home

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The suspects barged into the home of a member of parliament
  • They detonated a bomb in the lawmaker's living room
  • Two people as well as one of the suspects were killed

(CNN) -- Two people were killed in a bombing at the home of a lawmaker in western Bangladesh, police said Saturday.

The lawmaker, Afaz Uddin Ahmed, was meeting schoolteachers in his sitting room in Daulatpur in Kushtia district, police said. Three or four suspects barged into the room and detonated a bomb.

An assistant school administrator was killed instantly, police said. A political activist attending the meeting later died in the hospital. One of the suspects also died.

Ahmed, a member of parliament representing the ruling Awami League party, and a teacher sustained minor injuries.

"We are not sure about the motive of this incident," police said.

Ahmed's family was at home, but none were injured in the attack.