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Croatia election commission: Josipovic wins presidency

  • Ivo Josipovic of Social Democratic Party beats Milan Bandic, says commission
  • Josipovic won 60.3 percent of the vote, says Croatian State Election Commission
  • Milan Bandic, eight-year mayor of capital, Zagreb, garnered 39.71 percent, commission says
  • Croatia

(CNN) -- Ivo Josipovic won the runoff election Sunday for Croatia's presidency, a spokesman for the election commission told CNN.

Social Democratic Party candidate Josipovic won 60.3 percent of the vote, or about 1.3 million of the nearly 2.3 million votes cast, said spokesman Hrvoje Sadaric of the Croatian State Election Commission.

Milan Bandic, an independent and eight-year mayor of the Croatian capital of Zagreb, garnered 39.71 percent of the vote, or just over 880,000 votes. He was once a member of Josipovic's party, Sadaric said.

Slightly more than half of voting eligible Croatians voted in the runoff and more than 99 percent of votes had been counted, Sadaric said.

Josipovic, 52, a law professor and classical music composer, had earlier garnered the most votes in the first round of voting. His campaign focused on cleaning up corruption in government.