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Are these the world's best cities?

  • We highlight 10 metropolises that routinely score high on livability surveys
  • These cities get high marks for health care, educational services, culture and other quality of life factors
  • Check out the photo gallery to read more about high achievers such as Vancouver, Sydney and Zurich

(CNN) -- Living in the city doesn't have to come with a load of trade-offs -- at least not in the urban spots profiled here.

Culture? These 10 cities have it, along with access to health care and education, solid infrastructure and much more.

CNN takes a look, in no particular order, at 10 cities that score high on annual surveys such as the Economist Intelligence Unit's global livability report, Mercer's quality of living index and Monocle's most livable cities list.

These surveys look at a wide array of factors ranging from crime rates, health care and transport to encouraging entrepreneurship and the ease of finding supermarkets open late at night.

Check out our photo gallery to see what makes these places some of the best cities in the world to call home.

But before you start considering relocating, use the Sound Off box below or send us your photos and videos via iReport to tell us about the quality of life in your city.