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Painted elephants on parade in London

By Susannah Palk for CNN
  • Dozens of fiberglass elephants have appeared on London's streets
  • Life-size models are part of charity campaign organized by Elephant Family
  • Fashion designer Julien MacDonald among those who provided decoration
  • Asian elephant population has declined 90 percent over last century

London, England (CNN) -- Two hundred and sixty brightly painted life-sized fiberglass elephants have appeared across London.

Part of an innovative campaign to save the endangered Asian elephant, the outdoor art event, aptly named The Elephant Parade, was organized by the charity group Elephant Family.

The elephants were decorated by a number of artists, celebrities and designers including Emma Sergeant, Storm Thorgerson, Jack Vettriano, Lulu Guinness and Julien MacDonald.

The campaign aims to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant, whose numbers have declined by around 90 percent in the past 100 years.


According to Elephant Family it is believed Asian Elephants will become extinct in 30 years if nothing is done to preserve their natural habitat.

The exhibition runs from May to July 2010. The elephants will then be auctioned to raise funds for 20 conservation charities in the UK.