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Your connections between Sweden and Malaysia

By Matthew Knight for CNN

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From astronauts to ABBA
  • Did you find a link between Sweden and Malaysia?
  • Both countries hold a world record for LAN (Local Area Network) parties
  • Many Malaysians love IKEA, Swedish heavy metal and both have beautiful islands

London, England (CNN) -- Every week, Global Connections chooses two countries and asks you to find connections between them.

Once again, thanks to all of you who took the time to post a comment on the Global Connections blog. Here are some of the connections that you found between Sweden and Malaysia, as well as some other highlights.

We started the week by speaking to Craig Glenday Video, editor-in-chief of the Guinness Book of World Records.

He told CNN's Becky Anderson that both countries share a passion for LAN (Local Area Network) parties -- playing computer games over a local network. And both countries are record breakers in this regard.

Sweden holds the world record for the largest (11,000 people) LAN party, while Malaysia holds the record for the longest (around 40 hours).

Khairol Idham sent an iReport saying that Malaysians love heavy metal bands Video from Sweden.

And lead vocalist with Swedish death metal band, Arch Enemy, Angela Gossow got in touch to say that the feeling is mutual. "We love Malaysia and the fans there," she said, and looks forward to touring the country in 2011.

Video: Malaysia, Sweden and IKEA?
Video: A royal connection for Sweden, Malaysia
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Continuing the musical theme, CNN spoke to two of Sweden's biggest music acts of recent years. Pop princess Robyn said she was proud to be Swedish.

Jose Gonzalez also gave Global Connections an insight into his upbringing in Gothenburg and his many musical influences.

"Ahmad Rithaudin Md Noor" and "Jonny" contacted the blog and Kai Xun Hong sent an iReport to say that many people in Malaysia love the Swedish furniture store IKEA Video.

Mei Mei Yap from Malaysia has created the brilliant "IKEA Hacker" blog, which features great ideas for how to customize your IKEA furniture. If you want to make speakers from salad bowls, or make a hamster run from a BILLY bookcase click here.

"Shamsul," "Barbara," "Elizabeth" and "Andrew" all correctly pointed out that Malaysia and Sweden are home to some of the world's most beautiful island groups.

Malaysia is part of the Malay Archipelago and Sweden has tens of thousands of islands -- 24,000 in the Stockholm Archipelago alone.

"Helena Svensson" and "cyee" correctly pointed out that both countries have monarchies. CNN's Becky Anderson found out that the connections run a bit deeper, when she spoke to Malaysian royal Video, Tunku Naquiyuddin and former marshal of the Swedish Royal Court, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.

We also featured Malaysian teenager Nabil Jeffri, who became the youngest ever Formula One test driver recently when he conducted an aerodynamics test for Lotus Racing.

CNN spoke to the 16-year-old and Lotus team boss and AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes about his prodigious talent.

Finally, we explored the phenomenon of the Stieg Larsson "Millennium" tour in Stockholm, where tourists are flocking to follow in the footsteps of the late author's characters portrayed in his books and more film adaptations.

Please keep your comments coming in and let us know if you can connect our next countries.

We want to know if you can find links between Panama and the United Arab Emirates. Got any ideas? If you have, leave a message on the blog and we'll investigate the best on Connect the World this week.

Happy connecting!