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New Dutch government takes shape, showing far-right influence

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Two center-right parties are set to form a government, with support from a far-right party
  • Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom will not run any ministries, but will influence the government agenda

(CNN) -- Two center-right parties look set to form a minority government in the Netherlands, with the support of the far-right anti-Muslim party of Geert Wilders, the party leaders said Tuesday.

The three parties concluded that a stable government could be formed, and Mark Rutte of the Liberal Party will begin working to put together a government under his leadership, they said.

The three parties published an agreement last week that shows the influence of Wilders' Party for Freedom, but neither he nor any members of his party will run government ministries.

Journalist Jaap Jansen contributed to this report.