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Israel kills 4 Palestinians off Gaza in foiled terror attack

By Guy Azriel, CNN
  • Israel says it thwarted terror attack by firing on Palestinians off Gaza
  • Fatah's armed wing Al Aqsa said men were on suicide mission
  • In northern Gaza, one man was also injured in Israeli air strike

Jerusalem (CNN) -- The Israeli military said Monday it thwarted a terror attack when it fired on a group of Palestinians in diving gear at sea off Gaza.

The statement by the Israel Defense Forces did not offer additional details other than to say that no soldiers were hurt.

Hamas security forces said four Palestinians were killed and their bodies brought to a hospital. Search was under way to find a fifth body.

Al Aqsa -- the armed wing of Fatah, Hamas' rival -- confirmed the men belonged to their organization and were on a suicide mission.

In northern Gaza, one man was injured in an Israeli air strike Monday morning, Palestinian officials said.

The "air force attacked a group of terrorists who were prepared to fire rockets into Israel in the northern Gaza strip," said an Israel Defense Forces spokesman. "About 10 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel in the past several weeks."

Israel said it holds Hamas, the Palestinian faction in control of Gaza, responsible for the rocket attacks into Israel.