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Israeli military blasts ex-soldier's photos with Palestinian prisoners

By Paula Hancocks, CNN
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IDF soldier's Palestinian prisoner pics
  • "Eden from Ashdod" is seen in photos with blindfolded prisoners
  • Israeli military calls it "shameful behavior" by the soldier
  • It is not clear if the military can take any action against her
  • Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) -- A former Israeli soldier has posted photos of herself on Facebook posing in front of blindfolded Palestinian prisoners, prompting harsh reactions.

The former soldier, identified online as "Eden from Ashdod" in Israel, is seen smiling sitting on a blast barrier next to a blindfolded man. In another picture she is sitting in front of three blindfolded Palestinians, one with his hands tied in front of him.

The photos have since been taken down from her Facebook site, but Israeli media reports the photos were labeled "IDF -- best time of my life."

"These photos are disgraceful; in no way does the IDF condone this behaviour," said Israel Defense Forces spokesman Capt. Barak Raz in a written statement. "In matters of information security aside, we are talking about a serious viloation of the IDF ethical code, and I imagine that if she was on active duty today she would no doubt be court martialled."

Raz said Eden left the military a year ago, but, "nevertheless her commanders have been informed."

However, because Eden has left the IDF it is not clear if the military will be able to take any action against her.

Jawad Amawi, director of legal affairs for the Palestinian government's prisoners ministry, told CNN, "She did this act while she was in military service, so in retrospect the Israeli occupation is responsible for her acts. This is a breach of international law, clearly a breach of human rights."

Amawi says his department will try to take legal action against the former soldier.

Israeli media reports one of the comments posted by a friend of Eden said, "That looks really sexy for you." The photo shows Eden smiling in front of blindfolded prisoners. She posted this response: "I wonder if he is on Facebook too -- I'll have to tag him in the photo."