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The roundup: New York Fashion Week

Story highlights

  • Pastels and prints among recurring trends at this year's New York Fashion Week
  • Wet mullets among trends not recommended for trying off the runway
  • Neon suits, wedge sneakers grace runways in menswear shows

Comfortable. Minimalist. Safari. Mullets.

These are just a few of the themes that have bubbled to the surface since New York Fashion Week ended Thursday and the roundups started pouring in. Like most of us living outside the bubble, I relied on fashion magazines, blogs, phlogs, Tumblrs and tweets to stay abreast of the action. Here's a sampling of what I've gleaned.

Starting from the end of the week-long event, Racked brings us a video love letter via Vimeo of dancing models and Fashion Week attendees. It's a good point of entry into the asymmetric shapes, colors and silhouettes swirling around the various Fashion Week venues the past week.

As for a roundup of roundups, British Elle breaks down the major style trends and designers to dominate the runways, from pastels and prints to modern grunge meets sportswear. Refinery29 tackles the same theme with more pretty images.

Then there are the looks that are so bizarre they can't be replicated off the runways, perhaps with the exception of wet mullets. Otherwise, Fashionista has the rest of them in its list of runway trends you should not try at home.

Iconic J. Crew brand hot again

    Just Watched

    Iconic J. Crew brand hot again

Iconic J. Crew brand hot again 04:39
Stylist to the stars turns designer

    Just Watched

    Stylist to the stars turns designer

Stylist to the stars turns designer 03:15

For a quick day-to-day look, go to New York magazine's "Five Things" series and catch up on the looks and the gossip encircling the shows. Rounding out the random top 10 lists: best nail art.

For the sartorially minded male with a lot of time on his hands, Esquire has a 72-image slideshow of best pieces from the shows, as chosen by editors of its Style Blog. There's also an abbreviated list of stuff they're coveting now, like neon suits, wedges and varsity jackets.

Speaking of men's style, we published this in-depth story on how sites like Park and Bond and CLAD are banking on the stereotype that men don't like to shop in stores to draw an audience for full-priced luxury brands.

Oftentimes, the parade of attendees outside the shows are just as visually stimulating as the ones on the runway. Images from GQ's street style series and Citizen Couture's spotlight on fashion week could easily be mistaken for a fashion shoot, although it helps that everyone's so attractive.

For a culinary twist on the action outside the shows, makeup artist Annamarie Tendler teamed up with comedian Aziz Ansari to document visits to their favorite restaurants on her Tumblr. Since it's fashion week, they dress for the occasion.

No fashion week coverage would be complete without putting the spotlight on one of the most famous names in fashion. Marc Jacobs sat down with CNN's Alina Cho to talk about being the creative director of Louis Vuitton and the possibility of working for Christian Dior.

For more on the mainstream tip, CNN looks at J. Crew as America's iconic fashion label and how it's making a comeback.

That's it for now. Next up: London Fashion Week!