Try these celebrity-inspired DIY projects

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With just a few key tools, you can update almost every item in your closet creatively

Create your own lace t-shirt inspired by Mena Suvari

Make a fringed clutch in three easy steps with only four items  — 

You don’t have to be a Project Runway contestant to tweak your wardrobe. With just a few key tools, you can update almost every item in your closet creatively–no sewing required! With instructions created by InStyle staffer Jenni Radosevich (who doubles as a part-time blogger on, try these quick-and-easy projects inspired by the wardrobes of your favorite celebrities. Click through the gallery for the full DIY rundown now.

Lacy T

Inspiration: Mena Suvari


Long-sleeve cotton T-shirt, Unique Stitch glue, 1 yard 6-inch-wide lace trim, scissors.


1. Lay lace trim across width of T-shirt, about 2 inches from the bottom. Cut lace to line up with side seams of shirt.

2. Dot glue on back of lace, and lay in place on shirt.

3. Secure lace by applying a thin line of glue around entire perimeter of lace edge.

4. Repeat with a second strip, about 2 inches above the first.

5. Let dry for 24 hours. (Hand Wash.) 10 hairstyles that are always in style

Feather-Collared LBD

Inspiration: Julianne Moore


1 foot feather trim, Multi-Grip glue, 1 yard black satin ribbon, black dress, scissors.


1. Cut 15 1-inch and 2 1-foot ribbon pieces.

2. Shape feather trim into a “U” so it will lie correctly on the neck when finished.

3. Working around the “U,” glue 1-inch pieces of ribbon (folded in half lengthwise) over feather trim, overlapping to create a curve.

4. Glue 1-foot-long ribbons to both ends.

5. Let dry for 24 hours. Tie around neck over a dress. The 50 best fashion tips of all time

Fringed Clutch

Inspiration: Joy Bryant


Sticky Back Velcro tape, 1-foot leather fringe, flap clutch, scissors.


1. Cut fringe trim and Sticky Back Velcro tape to length of clutch flap.

2. Remove back of one side of Velcro, and stick to inside of clutch’s flap.

3. Remove other side of Velcro backing, and adhere to fringe. 12 easy ways to look thinner by tonight

Ribbon Necklace

Inspiration: Emily Blunt


1½ feet satin ribbon, jeweled or chain choker-length necklace, scissors.


1. Open necklace, and knot ribbon to one end. Decide how long you want the necklace, and cut excess ribbon accordingly.

2. Tie other end of ribbon to necklace. 10 ways to wake up beautiful

Jewel-Lined Pencil Skirt

Inspiration: Paula Patton


Pencil skirt, iron, Heat ‘n Bond Ultra Hold iron-on adhesive (¼˝ x 10 yards), 1 yard beaded trim, scissors.


1. Preheat iron to silk setting. Place Heat ‘n Bond on back of beaded trim. Lightly glide iron across paper side for 1–2 seconds.

2. Allow to cool, then peel off paper backing.

3. Place trim right side up on bottom edge of skirt; iron inside skirt for 5 seconds.

4. Cut trim flush with slit in back of skirt. (Dry-clean.)

Studded Shirt

Inspiration: Natalie Portman


2 feet studded trim, white button-down ¾-sleeve shirt, Unique Stitch glue, scissors.


1. Starting with sleeves, cut 2 pieces of studded trim to cover circumference of each cuff (do not cover buttons).

2. Apply a thin layer of glue to trim, and lay in place on left cuff. Repeat on right cuff.

3. Cut 2 pieces of trim to cover front of each side of collar.

4. Apply a thin layer of glue to pieces of trim, and lay in place on collar.

5. Let dry for 24 hours. (Hand wash.) The 46 best boots for fall