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Mystery photo challenge: Where in the world is this port?

October 24, 2011 -- Updated 1608 GMT (0008 HKT)
Where is this port?
Where is this port?
  • The answer is Hong Kong
  • Check the MainSail page for future photo challenges

Editor's note: From bustling harbors to sleepy seaside marinas, CNN's monthly sailing show, Mainsail, brings you a mystery port photo each week. With a few clues to guide you in the right direction, can you work out our next mystery location?

(CNN) -- Thank you to everyone who took part in our mystery photo challenge!

Congratulations to everyone who answered Hong Kong.

To recap, here are the clues we provided:

Hint one: More than seven million people live in the territory where this port is located.

Hint two: It is one of the busiest container ports in the world, handling 23.7 million containers in 2010.

Hint three: Its central location means it is an important hub for the region, with container line services going to approximately 480 destinations around the world.