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This week on Marketplace Middle East

Jordan has one of the smallest economies in the Middle East and faces increasing poverty numbers.

Story highlights

  • MME talks to Libya's former Interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril about the country's future
  • King Abdullah of Jordan has made several changes in the government this year
  • As Jordan struggles with high poverty rates, MME looks at the country's economic pressures
FACETIME: Mahmoud Jibril, former Libyan interim Prime Minister

After the death of Colonel Gadhafi, Libya is looking towards a new and very different future. This week in a special edition from the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, MME sits down with the country's former interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril to discuss a timeline for a new constitution and elections.

IN FOCUS: Jordan's economic pressures

Tensions have been high in Jordan, where King Abdullah dismissed his cabinet for a second time this year and appointed a new prime minister. Jordan is one of the smallest economies in the Middle East and suffers from high rates of poverty. Leone Lakhani takes a look at Jordan's most pressing issues.

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