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A roundup of Occupy protests

What started as the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York in September has spread across major cities worldwide.

Story highlights

  • Police arrest at least 22 protesters in Fresno, California
  • Protesters in Arizona are asking for donations of tarps, sleeping bags and blankets
  • People in Chicago protest cuts in safety net programs
  • Some Atlanta protesters take up position at a home that is facing foreclosure

What started as the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York in September has spread across major cities worldwide as a call to action against unequal distribution of wealth.

Here is a roundup of some of the movement's recent developments.


Up to 20 protesters in Atlanta moved to the suburbs Monday, taking up position at a home with a family of five that is facing foreclosure. Members of Occupy Atlanta will stay in Snellville for 48 hours, according to a group spokesman.

Protesters plan to canvass the neighborhood with the family to drum up support to help occupy other homes facing foreclosure, said Tim Franzen.

Also Monday, a lone woman draped in an American flag was taken into custody early in the morning at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.

The woman, the only one in the park, was arrested after the 11 p.m. curfew, while fellow protesters stood silently on a sidewalk -- deliberate acts intended to send a message, said Occupy Atlanta spokeswoman La'Die Mansfield.

Occupy protester arrested in Atlanta

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    Occupy protester arrested in Atlanta

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Occupy Atlanta's non-violent protest

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    Occupy Atlanta's non-violent protest

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Jesse Jackson supports Occupy Movement

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"We wanted to send a message that all of resources that (the city is ) spending into the arrest of this one person -- who is only asking to be heard -- could be better spent and used to address the reasons why she was sitting in the park," Mansfield said.

Four people on bicycles were also arrested near the park, accused of traffic violations, Atlanta police said Monday. One of the four was also charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Over the weekend, a police crackdown on a gathering organized by the movement resulted in 19 arrests. Those people have since been released, said Mansfield.


White hair and wheelchairs dotted the crowd in Chicago Monday, as senior citizens and disabled demonstrators joined the Occupy movement to protest cuts in safety net programs.

"At every level of society, Americans are under attack," said protester Karen Bocker. "When the economy tanks, social programs are cut, not corporate tax breaks."

Some 1,500 members of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus hit the streets with Occupy Chicago, according to a statement from Occupy Chicago. More than 40 protesters linked arms in a downtown intersection, blocking traffic -- some of them sitting on the pavement -- to protest threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Police issued citations to 43 people, who will be required to pay a fine, said Chicago police spokesman Veejay Zala. The demonstrations were peaceful, and there were no reports of injuries, he said.


Police arrested at least 22 people over the weekend in Fresno, California in connection to the Occupy Fresno protests, according to demonstrators and the city's sheriff. An additional protester was taken into custody Monday, according to the Occupy Fresno website.

Demonstrators agreed to "voluntary arrest" as a form of protest, said Sheriff Margaret Mims, and did not resist. "They staged a good, old-fashioned, sit-in," she said.

Protesters arrested Sunday were released the same day, according to a post on Occupy Fresno's website.


A couple that met a month ago, working the information booth at Occupy Philadelphia, married Monday. Alicia "Ally" Nauss of Philadelphia and Adam Hill of Norristown, Pennsylvania, took their vows at the group's encampment at Dilworth Plaza next to city hall, CNN affiliate WPVI-TV reported.

"We met here, we fell in love here, and this is our lives right now," Nauss said.

The couple said they'll spend their honeymoon visiting other Occupy movements along the East Coast.

Protesters face a possible showdown with the city over the site of their demonstration. The plaza has long been scheduled for a $50 million renovation, which is supposed to begin this month. There have been negotiations between the city and the demonstrators over alternative sites.

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Beset by rain and cold, Occupy protesters in Tucson, Arizona solicited material donations online Monday to help winterize their camp, while lawyers representing the group announced a lawsuit intended to stop arrests.

Occupy campers asked the public for waterproof tarps, warm and dry outerwear, sleeping bags, blankets and better tents in an entry on their blog. They included a request for delivery to their location.

Also Monday, volunteer attorneys calling themselves the Occupy Tucson Legal Working Group said that they have filed a civil rights suit in federal court, "and will ask for a temporary restraining order to stop arrests at Veinte De Agosto Park," where protesters are camped out.

The lawyers said they represent 96 local Occupy protesters, who have more than 400 misdemeanor charges against them.