Officials: Suspect in Indiana girl's death wanted in Florida

Police: Babysitter admits to grisly slaying
Police: Babysitter admits to grisly slaying


    Police: Babysitter admits to grisly slaying


Police: Babysitter admits to grisly slaying 06:51

Story highlights

  • Plumadore violated probation in Florida in 2000, officials say
  • Sheriff: Plumadore was a key person in the case from the beginning
  • A court document says Aliahna Lemmon's body parts were found in a freezer and a trash bin

A man charged in the bludgeoning death and dismemberment of a 9-year-old Indiana girl is wanted in Florida for violating probation in 2000, officials said Wednesday.

Michael Plumadore, 39, faces one count of murder in the death of Aliahna Lemmon. He was being held without bond after a court appearance Tuesday. He was arrested Monday night after the girl's body was found.

Florida Department of Corrections records show that Plumadore was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMS worker in May 2000, and later that month he was sentenced to a year of community supervision.

But he failed to report to his probation officer or attend a court-ordered anger management class the following month, said department spokeswoman Ann Howard.

Details of the offense were unavailable because of the time that has passed, she said. However, Plumadore is listed in the department database as "absconder/fugitive."

The last time Aliahna Lemmon was seen
The last time Aliahna Lemmon was seen


    The last time Aliahna Lemmon was seen


The last time Aliahna Lemmon was seen 03:56

In a probable cause affidavit released Tuesday, Allen County, Indiana, sheriff's investigators said Plumadore admitted striking the girl repeatedly in the head with a brick as she stood on the front steps of his mobile home in the early hours of December 22.

He told authorities he stored Aliahna's body in garbage bags in a freezer at his home until that night, when he allegedly dismembered it with a hacksaw, according to the affidavit.

Plumadore allegedly told investigators he threw parts of the body in a nearby commercial trash bin but kept the head, hands and feet in his freezer, according to the document.

The document does not disclose a motive for the girl's death.

Amber Story, the girl's grandmother, had described Plumadore as a neighbor and close family friend.

She said Aliahna and her two sisters were staying with Plumadore for about a week while Aliahna's mother recovered from the flu.

Prior to the suspect's arrest, Story said she believed the girl could have sleepwalked out of Plumadore's Fort Wayne home early Friday morning and been taken. She said Aliahna suffered from partial hearing loss and partial blindness and has gotten out of her home while sleepwalking before.

But, Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries told HLN's Nancy Grace, "Some of the story we heard from the beginning with him led us to believe he was the key to this case, that ... he was the one who was going to have the answers we were looking for."

"He was the one who saw her last," Fries said. "He was the one who had the most contact with her."

Plumadore's confession came after several hours of interrogation Monday evening.

"It was very factual when he started telling them what happened. And they just had to sit there and listen to him as if they were just listening to a story with no emotion, just trying to get him to say more and more and more," Fries said.