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Authorities release 911 calls on the Arizona shooting

By the CNN Wire Staff
Screams can be heard in one 911 calll as a male caller at the scene tells another man, "We got help coming."
Screams can be heard in one 911 calll as a male caller at the scene tells another man, "We got help coming."
  • Callers are remarkably composed and speak clearly
  • "I do believe Gabrielle Giffords was hit," says one
  • "We need more than one ambulance" says another
  • Screams and moans can be heard in the background of one call

(CNN) -- A day after a gunman opened fire at an Arizona supermarket, authorities released the emergency calls.

The recordings, which were made public by the Pima County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, paint a patchy picture of the scene just moments after the shooting that killed six people and wounded 14, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Callers spoke with remarkable clarity given the chaos around them. Screams can be heard in the background as one male caller calmly tells another man, "We got help coming."

The following information has been edited for brevity and to protect the names of the callers. Not all calls are included.

911: 911, where is your emergency?

Caller 1: Mrs. Giffords!

911: Hello? Hello?

911 call from Arizona shooting
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Caller 1: Oh, 911. There was a shooting at Safeway ... where Gabrielle Giffords was. And I do believe Gabrielle Giffords was hit.

911: At Safeway, sir?

Caller 1: Yeah, Safeway.

911: Was somebody shot then sir?

Caller 1: Yes, it looked like the guy had a semiautomatic pistol and he went in. He just started firing. And then he ran.

911: Which way did he run?

Caller 1: He ran north past the Walgreens that's right next to the Safeway.

911: Can you describe him?

Caller 1: He was wearing a hoodie.

911: What color was the hoodie?

Caller 1: It was black.

911: What color were his pants?

Caller 1: It looked like he was wearing blue jeans. And he was wearing a black sweater.

911: Is anybody injured? Did you say Gabrielle Giffords was hit?

Caller 1: She's hit. I do believe she's breathing. She was breathing. She still has a pulse ... And we got one dead.

911: And there's other people that are injured?

Caller 1: There was multiple people shot.

911: Oh my God.

911: 911, are you reporting a shooting?

Caller 2: Yes, I am.

911: OK, did you witness anything?

Caller 2: Yes I did.

911: What did you witness ma'am?

Caller 2: I witnessed ... gunshot and then I tried to duck down. I see the man that was caught shooting was held down by some other people. They took away his gun and they're holding him down so he can't do anything else.

911: OK, we do have deputies on the way. They'll be there shortly. I need you to stay out of the way where you're at right now and try to get anyone else to safety without getting yourself in any harm, OK?

Caller 2: OK, yeah. I'm in the Walgreens in the back so that way I feel like I'm a little more safe.

911: OK, well we have deputies on the way.

Caller 2: And are you sending lots of ambulances too?

911: Yes we are.

911: Emergency dispatcher, what is the address?

Caller 3: Um, our address is 7114 North Oracle Road. We need more than one ambulance. There is more than one person down.

911: What happened there?

Caller 3: A guy came to the Safeway and started shooting. I saw him. He was in a beanie and a hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

911: We've got that ... Ma'am, we do have the help on the way. How many people are injured there?

Caller 3: We have a total of 10 people maybe more. Oh my God.

911: We do have the help on the way, OK ma'am.

Caller 3: OK.

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