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iReport roundtable: Boot camp, Week 1

  • iReport boot camp challenges iReporters to improve storytelling, get stories on
  • Boot camp roundtable give the boot-campers a chance to get live feedback from our experts
  • The roundtable begins at 4:30 p.m. ET

Editor's note: The roundtable for week one is now closed. Thanks to everyone who joined us. Unfortunately, we only had time to discuss 10 of the stories. We wish we could have talked about all of them. If you have any questions about your story or about boot camp, please contact the iReport team here.

(CNN) -- Please join us today at 4:30 p.m. ET for part one of our series of CNN iReport boot camp roundtable discussions. Today's topic will be on picking a story.

Picking a story is the first step of the storytelling process, so naturally it's the first step of CNN iReport boot camp, where iReporters work with CNN experts and the iReport community for seven weeks, building a story from start to finish. Senior Supervising Producer Manuel Perez will be giving feedback on 10 submissions to the pick your story assignment, and everyone will have a chance to ask Perez and the iReport team questions!

We will focus on these 10 for the first half of the roundtable, answering questions pertaining to those iReports. After that, we will open the floor for any questions about picking a story.

You can be a part of the discussion, even if you didn't participate in the first boot camp assignment. Just check out Perez's post on picking a story and have your questions ready.

In addition to our expert's advice and feedback, we have also picked a handful of iReporters, called Core iReporters, to give their thoughts about several of this week's submissions.

These Core iReporters have picked their top submissions for this week's assignment, which you can read about in the photo gallery above. These Core iReporters were chosen by the iReport staff because of the journalism skills they have shown through their iReports.

Click through the gallery to see what these Core iReporters had to say for week one of boot camp. And, at 4:30 p.m. ET, please come back to the comments section below for our roundtable discussion.

And if you are wondering how to tell who from CNN is joining in on this roundtable conversation, just look for the photos with CNN written under our smiling faces. Let the discussion begin!