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Support Palin! Put a comedian to work!

By Dean Obeidallah, Special to CNN
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  • Dean Obeidallah: Obama's been tough on comedians; he offers little comedic material
  • Obeidallah invites comedians to join "Comedians for Sarah Palin" and get endless material
  • He says other candidates are kind of funny, but not as funny as Palin; she was easy choice
  • Obeidallah: If Palin runs for president and wins, it will put comedians back to work

Editor's note: Dean Obeidallah is an award-winning comedian who has appeared on various TV shows including Comedy Central's "Axis of Evil" special, ABC's "The View," and CNN's "What the Week" and "The Joy Behar Show." He is executive producer of the annual New York Arab-American Comedy Festival and The Amman Stand Up Comedy Festival. Follow him on Twitter.

(CNN) -- Sarah Palin infamously proclaimed this past Thursday that Paul Revere was the guy: "...Who warned, uh, the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms..."

On behalf of comedians everywhere, I have two words for Sarah Palin: Thank you. You are exactly what we comedians desperately need. You are the gift that keeps giving.

It's been a tough two and half years for comedians. We have been in a political comedy recession since Barack Obama took office.

Sure, President Obama gives us some material here and there. But unlike his past two predecessors, he has not provided us with a clear comedic angle. It used to be so much easier. With George W. Bush, it was his well-documented struggles with English, and Bill Clinton was known for his "sextracurricular" activities.

But honestly, what's funnier -- a joke about Section 3002 of Obama's health care law, which deals with "Improvements to the physician quality reporting system," or a joke about Bush mispronouncing al Qaeda as "El Key-eeda"? A terrorist group? No! A Mexican restaurant.

We comedians can wait no longer for this comedy downturn to end. We have decided it's time to take matters into our own hands. We are putting aside our petty differences to actively support the candidate who will best help our comedy careers.

That is why I'm excited to announce the formation of: "Comedians for Sarah Palin." Our slogan is: "Comedians putting aside their differences and the good of America for comedic material." You can follow us on Twitter @ComicsforPalin.

To comedians, Sarah Palin is not just a less-than-one-term governor with few achievements on the national or international stage. Sarah Palin is comedy gold. Comedians haven't been this excited over a political figure since George W. Bush was president -- in fact, comedically speaking, the only difference between Palin and Bush is lipstick.

Palin, Trump meet for pizza in NY
Sarah Palin's bus tour
Palin running for president?

It wasn't easy for Palin to lock up our endorsement. Many comics liked Donald Trump -- he could never stop talking, and his hairstyle made you appreciate Justin Bieber's. But, alas, he is out.

And there are a few other lesser-known presidential candidates who show comedic possibilities, such as Michele Bachmann, who in March confidently proclaimed that the American Revolution had started in New Hampshire. (Right answer: Massachusetts -- but you knew that.)

And making a late attempt to win our endorsement was Herman Cain, the former head of Godfather's Pizza, who last month confused parts of the Declaration of Independence with the U.S. Constitution, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

No -- it's Palin, with her proven track record. Others might be able to promise us comedy, but she has already delivered .

After all, she is the person who told us: "Obviously, we gotta stand with our North Korean allies." (Right answer: South Korean.)

But Palin had lain low and avoided the spotlight -- good for her, but bad for us. The only time Palin isn't providing comedy material is when she isn't talking. We worried that maybe she had lost her comedy mojo.

Then in March, she showed us she still had the right stuff. During an appearance on Fox News, she discussed America's involvement in Libya. The Chicago Sun-Times says she posed the question: "Do we use the term 'intervention'? Do we use 'war'? Do we use 'squirmish'?"

That's right, "squirmish." In her defense, Palin probably thought that in light of the recent success of the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel," it was acceptable to add the "squi" sound to the beginning of any word. Next up: "Squimmigration."

If we had any lingering doubts, they were erased this past weekwhen she first dressed in leather, jumped on the back of a Harley-Davidson and declared: "I love that smell of the emissions!"

Sold! Our ticket to the promised land of comedy.

And then the coup de grace--the cherry on the Palin comedy sundae--was her "history" lesson. Who knew Paul Revere actually warned the British! We can't wait to hear Professor Palin's future history lessons!

Plus, to show you that we are not just selfish comedians, you should consider (we really have) that a Palin candidacy would create jobs. How? When Bush left office it resulted in massive layoffs to those working in the Bush "comedy industry," from the publishers of the Bush calendars which featured a different Bush misstatement each day, courtesy of Slate's Jacob Weisberg, to Weisberg's books filled with those "Bushisms."

And do the makers of the Bush dog toy, Bush action figure and the Bush toilet brush not deserve to make an honest living? A Palin victory would immediately put those people back to work.

That is why comedians across America are climbing aboard the Palin express. We hope you will join us. We know that Sarah Palin may not be the right choice for America, but she's definitely the right choice for comedy.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Dean Obeidallah.

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