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Political Circus: Trump to drive in Indy 500?

By Ed Hornick, CNN
The 2012 presidential race isn't the only one that business mogul Donald Trump is thinking about.
The 2012 presidential race isn't the only one that business mogul Donald Trump is thinking about.
  • Donald Trump to run in ... the Indy 500?
  • Russian Prime Minister Putin frolics with a snow leopard
  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour weighs in on his weight loss

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Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business, but not all the time.

In it to win it

Business mogul Donald Trump, who is mulling a 2012 presidential run, has been "invited to lead the pack at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29," the New York Post reports.

He has reportedly been asked by Indianapolis Motor Speedway president and CEO Jeff Belskus to drive a Chevy Camaro SS pace car.

"We can't imagine The Donald being in a race that he won't try to win," the Post quipped.

The outdoorsman

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin frolicked with the real-life mascot of the 2014 Winter Olympics over the weekend, an endangered snow leopard that had been injured in the valleys of central Siberia," Reuters reports.

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Quote board

"I lost 20 pounds, and it made my back hurt. ... I have to lose about 20 more -- by the end of April."
-- Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour

"The only decision I've made is I won't run against my dad."
-- Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky

"When we left, the world's two biggest trouble spots were Wisconsin and the set of "Two and a Half Men." And then suddenly, all holy hell is breaking loose [in Libya]."
-- "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart

"These are scary times. Did you ever think we'd look back at the BP oil spill as the good old days?"
-- Jay Leno