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Ted Nugent: 'More guns equals less crime'

By Katie McLaughlin, CNN
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Ted Nugent on Rep. Giffords and guns
  • Ted Nugent: 'More guns equals less crime'
  • Nugent: 'My view of America right now is so beautiful I can hardly stand myself'
  • Ted Nugent on military service: 'There is no nobler sacrifice'
  • Nugent on Sarah Palin: 'Great woman, perfect American'

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CNN -- "Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead," Ted Nugent tells CNN's Piers Morgan. "Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones, we're going to beat you. We're going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun."

The rocker and gun rights activist known for hits like "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Stranglehold" and nicknamed the "Motor City Madman" gives his unique take on firearms, America, and more on Wednesday's "Piers Morgan Tonight."

When Morgan pointed out that 80 people a day die from gunshot wounds in America, Nugent argued that "78 of those 80 are let out of their cages by corrupt judges and prosecutors who know the recidivism is out of control, know that they'll commit the crimes again, and they let them walk through plea bargaining, early release, and programs. Kiss my ass. Where you have the most armed citizens in America, you have the lowest violent crime rate. Where you have the worst gun control, you have the highest crime rate."

Nugent, a strong proponent of the Second Amendment -- the right to keep and bear arms -- told Morgan, "More guns equals less crime. Period."

Nugent went on to point out that legally owned guns in the U.S. "are used millions of times a year to save innocent lives."

"I surround myself with positive, productive people of good will and decency," Nugent told Morgan. "So my view of America right now is so beautiful I can hardly stand myself."

"You know what I think about America?" Nugent continued. "Unlimited generosity -- people traveling thousands of miles to help people they don't even know. That's the glowing, unstoppable good."

Nugent went on to explain that what he doesn't like about America is "what is being celebrated in politics where instead of being the best that you can be, we seem to be engineering more and more safety nets which creates, encourages, and rewards an uncaring disconnect."

Nugent uses the welfare system as an example of that safety net, telling Morgan "welfare isn't just about helping the needy anymore. Welfare is now about rewarding people who take advantage of the corruption and abuse of that condition."

Nugent pointed out that he is particularly devoted to charities which benefit military heroes.

"I got guys with no legs that went into that war on terror hell storm knowing that they would probably not come out without any legs or arms and maybe in a flag-draped coffin," said Nugent. "But they went anyway because that's the warrior spirit that they have. And they're still waiting for their prosthetics. They're still waiting for the special wheelchair. But maybe there's some child rapist in prison who's getting a new liver transplant this week. That's the corruption and the abuse."

"You're very, very pro the troops and I get that," Morgan told Nugent. "But you, yourself, I mean, you dodged the draft."

Nugent replied that he was happy to clear up the matter for "the ten millionth time," stating "I did not dodge the draft. I was 17 and I was a clueless idiot."

Nugent went on to explain that he was enrolled in a community college at the time and had a 1-Y deferment. 1-Y classification -- which has since been eliminated -- was given to men deemed qualified for military service only in times of national emergency. 1-Y deferment was abolished in 1971.

"Did I register? I registered. Did I volunteer? No. Should I have? Yes."

When Morgan asked if the Ted Nugent of today would serve his country in Vietnam, Nugent said he would, telling the CNN host "There is no nobler sacrifice, none. But you have to be wise enough, knowledgeable enough to make such a noble decision. And I was incapable of both at that age.

Nugent told Morgan that he holds so many benefits for American troops not out of guilt, but "because I've learned that freedom is not free and I found it -- the reason the whole world sucks and America sucks less is because the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights outlines an experiment where freedom rules the day of individuality and that that can only be secured by crushing those enemies that would take it away."

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"So those warriors that put themselves in the face of that evil enemy," continued Nugent, "and anybody who would take away our individual rights and individual freedoms, they're the enemy. They need to be killed. And the guys that went over and did that, they had paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Nugent went on to suggest that more Americans "do what the Tea Party is doing. Get our heads out of our ass and get involved. This experiment self-government demands that we all participate."

Nugent expressed his deep admiration for Sarah Palin, saying that the former Alaska governor represents a "great woman, perfect American." Nugent called the former vice presidential candidate an "ass kicker" who "got involved as just a citizen" and "became mayor because she voiced concerns that were supported by the majority of her neighbors."

Nugent went on to say that he liked Alaska so much because that state had Palin "taking care of business, fixing things, getting rid of wasteful taxes and demanding accountability."

When Morgan asked Nugent what defines a proper American, Nugent said, "Start with a positive spirit, really a Herculean work ethnic -- not just a work ethic but one that drives. If you met all my family and all my friends, my band, my team, my management, everybody, they get up early, they kick ass all day long, they cover every detail, they wallpaper, carpet, get the job done and then, boom! We go to bed later at night. And we set the alarm and we get up and start over again."

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