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Wyclef Jean 'grazed by a bullet' in Haiti

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Wyclef Jean 'grazed by bullet' in Haiti
  • NEW: Police can't confirm if Jean's injury was from a gunshot, a police spokesman says
  • NEW: Haiti election is "historical," Jean says"He is doing well," a spokeswoman says
  • Jean is in his native Haiti as the country elects a president

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean heard "the sound of the boom" and then realized he was "grazed by a bullet" in Port-au-Prince Saturday night, the eve of Haiti's presidential runoff election, Jean told CNN.

A Haitian national police spokesman said that Jean was treated at a hospital for an injury, but he would not confirm if it was from a bullet or from glass.

The wound was superficial and "he is doing well," Jean spokeswoman Cindy Tanenbaum said.

Jean said he suffered the wound on his hand soon after stepping out of his car to talk on his phone.

He was treated by a doctor at a hospital and released, Tanenbaum said.

Jean would not comment on if he suspected he was targeted by a shooter. "I can't even speculate," he said.

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The police investigation was stalled by Jean's refusal to speak to police about the incident, according to Garry Desrosiers, a spokesman for the Haitian national police.

Jean has been helping the presidential campaign of popular musician Michel Martelly, who is on the ballot against former first lady Mirlande Manigat in Sunday's pivotal presidential runoff election.

"It was nothing," said Damien Merlo, a spokeman for the Martelly campaign. "He's fine and out and about getting out the vote for us." Final results of the runoff will be released on April 16, according to officials.

Jean called Sunday's vote "historical."

"This was done, the majority of it, with technology," he said. "It's going great because this moment in history is being defined with the technology, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Livestream."

Jean, who was born in Haiti, shot to fame in the mid-1990s as a member of the Fugees, a U.S.-based hip-hop and reggae group. He now performs as a solo artist.

He has been an outspoken proponent of Haiti through his Yele Haiti Foundation and was one of the first celebrities to offer aid after the last year's devastating earthquake.

In September, he officially ended his bid to be president of Haiti a month after election officials ruled that he was ineligible to run.

Jean previously vowed to fight the Haitian electoral council's ruling that he was not a resident of the country.

His eligibility had been in question after claims that he had not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years prior to the election, a requirement in the nation's constitution.

CNN's Deborah Doft and journalist Allyn Gaestel contributed to this report

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