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Janet Jackson 'felt so unattractive' for 'a very, very long time'

By Alan Duke, CNN
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Janet Jackson on memories of Michael
  • Her former husband would have to stop her head banging, Jackson says
  • Her father told her, "I'm Joseph to you," she says
  • Jackson is promoting a self-image book, "True You"

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Janet Jackson would bang her head against a wall because she felt "so unattractive," the pop star told CNN's Piers Morgan.

Jackson, in an interview Tuesday on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" talked about her struggles with weight and body image over the years, her relationship with her father and dealing with the passing of her brother Michael.

"There was a time when I was so down and felt so unattractive and it lasted for a very, very long time," Jackson said, "that I used to -- I used to bang my head against the wall."

The banging would be hard and "the person that I was with, my ex-husband at the time, I mean, he'd have to stop me," she said.

Jackson, 44, is promoting her new book, "True You," which focuses on her lifelong self-image and self-esteem struggles.

Janet Jackson: My father and I
Janet Jackson: I'm not close to Joe
Janet Jackson: I have secrets to share

She did talk about her most famous brother, Michael Jackson, calling him "very sweet, very gentle, incredibly smart, always about love."

"He knew who he was," she said.

Morgan also talked to her about Joe Jackson, the father known for using stern discipline to keep his large family on a path toward entertainment stardom.

The one time she called him "Dad," he corrected her.

"You call me Joseph," she said her father told her. "I'm Joseph to you."

Jackson said she felt sad when she was younger that her relationship with her father was not closer, but it is a feeling that has passed.

"It would have been nice," she said. "I would go over to a friend's house when mother would let me go, and I'd see my friends, the relationship with their father, how they call him dad and sit all in their lap."

Janet Jackson sat near her father in court for several days last month when her family attended the preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged in Michael Jackson's death.

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