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Mother blames Nicolas Cage for son's troubles

By Alan Duke, CNN
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Fulton: It's Nic Cage's fault
  • Christina Fulton to seek conservatorship for 20-year-old son with Nicolas Cage
  • Weston Cage is on a psychiatric hold after a violent Hollywood incident
  • "I don't want to have anything to do with my mother," Weston Cage tells CNN
  • "Weston would say whatever his dad wants him to say," his mother says

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Nicolas Cage's son is scheduled to be released from a Los Angeles hospital this weekend where he was treated while on a psychiatric hold after a violent incident outside a Hollywood restaurant Tuesday.

But Weston Cage's mother, Christina Fulton, is asking his doctor to recommend her 20-year-old son be kept at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for another two weeks, she told CNN Friday.

"I do not want him with Nicolas Cage," Fulton said. "I do not want him in that care. That is not the care my son needs."

Fulton is suing Nicolas Cage over unpaid taxes and the Hollywood home where she raised their son, who court documents say suffers from "a number of mental, psychological and physical ailments."

Weston Cage, in a statement delivered through his father's lawyer Friday afternoon, said that he did not want his mother to be involved in his care.

Weston Cage, seen here in February 2011, is the son of actor Nicolas Cage and actress Christina Fulton.
Weston Cage, seen here in February 2011, is the son of actor Nicolas Cage and actress Christina Fulton.

"I am an adult," Weston Cage said. "I don't want to have anything to do with my mother. Any problems that I have ever had is because of the relationship that I had with my mother."

When Fulton heard the quote, she called it "an absolute disgrace" that the lawyer would solicit such a statement from her son while he was under a psychiatric hold, deemed legally incompetent.

"My son is under a spell, he's under a trance," Fulton said. "Weston would say whatever his dad wants him to say."

Fulton blames Nicolas Cage for what she said is her son's downward spiral since he turned 18 and was no longer under her legal guardianship.

"It's his dad's fault that he's in the hospital," Fulton said. "He had his chance. He had his chance to make it right. My son had a healthy environment here. He had a system that was fantastic. I built that with myself and my team."

A member of that team of caregivers was Kevin Villegas, whom Fulton hired as her son's personal wrestling coach when he was in high school. She said she fired Villegas three years ago, but Nicolas Cage rehired him.

Villegas is now under investigation for the brutal and public beating of Weston Cage on a Hollywood sidewalk Tuesday afternoon. Los Angeles detectives will present their findings to a prosecutor who will decide if Kevin Villegas, who was employed as Cage's trainer, will be charged, a police spokesman told CNN. CNN has been unable to contact Villegas for comment.

Cell phone videos, which have been posted online, indicated that the violence started when Cage attempted to kick Villegas when the trainer objected to the food he wanted to order at a restaurant. The video showed Cage being repeatedly hit as he was pinned down on the sidewalk.

Nicolas Cage, in a statement given CNN by his spokeswoman Friday, called Fulton's comments blaming him for his son's psychiatric troubles "unfortunate and inappropriate."

"This is a time to focus only on giving love and full support to Weston, not an opportunity to lay blame on his father, a man who loves his son very deeply," Cage said.

Fulton, who separated from Cage after their son was born, said the father was rarely around for her son growing up, while she dealt with his medical and psychological issues.

"For 18 years, I raised Weston so Nicolas could go be Nicolas Cage, and go be a superstar, and he did," she said. "So I raised this boy, 24-7 we were glued to the hip."

After Weston's 18th birthday, his father "orchestrated" his son's removal from her care by convincing the employees she hired to work for him and giving him his own home and money, Fulton said.

"They all go work with Nicolas Cage because he has the money and he has the bank account and he has the fame, and I don't," she said.

Weston's special needs were not being met without her, she said.

"My son right now has been under the care of Nicolas," she said. "That didn't work. It's very obvious it didn't work. It failed miserably, failed miserably."

Cage's lawyer, Martin Singer, said Fulton's lawsuit against Cage is her motivation for attacking her son's father.

"Ms. Fulton comments about Mr. Cage are absurd and it's very unfortunate that she would lash out like this because her son does not want to have anything to do with her," Singer said. "This is clearly all about money for Ms. Fulton."

Fulton's lawyer told CNN she would file for conservatorship of her son next week so she could ensure he will get the care he needs when he is eventually released from the psychiatric hold.

"I'd like my son to be with his mom, where it worked," Fulton said. "I'd like my son to be in an environment where it worked. You know, 18 years of being successful, 18 years of watching my son respond to all the medical intervention that I have given him and all the support. Why would you mess with that? Why would you interfere with that? My son needs to be home."