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Champion Pacquiao ready for Mosley's title challenge

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Manny Pacquiao prepared for Shane Mosley
  • Manny Pacquiao says he is ready for his WBO title clash with Shane Mosley on Saturday
  • The Filipino says the last opponent he prepared so well for was Oscar De La Hoya
  • Despite his determination to win, Pacquiao is keen for a clean fight
  • The 32-year-old has recorded a song ahead of the meeting in Las Vegas

(CNN) -- Manny Pacquiao insists that he is primed and ready to take on Shane Mosley ahead of Saturday's World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight bout in Las Vegas.

The Filipino, who also holds the World Boxing Council crown, has prepared meticulously for the fight and maintains that he has not trained this vigorously since 2008 -- the year he beat Oscar De La Hoya in eight rounds.

"I trained hard for this fight because I never underestimate Mosley and I consider him a good fighter and a tough opponent for me," the 32-year-old told CNN.

Mosley, a former World Boxing Association welterweight super champion, has won world titles in three weight divisions. The American also beat De la Hoya, in 2003, but lost the WBC and WBA light-middleweight titles he acquired just a few months later against Winky Wright.

Pacquiao and Mosley show respect ahead of showdown

Pacquiao, meanwhile, is the first boxer to win 10 world titles in eight different weight divisions, maintaining a 52-3-2 record, with 38 knockouts under his belt.

I trained hard for this fight because I never underestimate Mosley and I consider him a good fighter
--Manny Pacquiao

Despite the competitive rivalry between both fighters, the usual pre-fight trash-talk has been absent in the interactions between Pacquiao and Mosley, with the so-called "People's Champ" intent on a good clean fight.

"We're going to do our job to make people happy and our concern is what fight we can give to the people," Pacquiao said. "We want people satisfied on Saturday."

Pacquiao enjoys considerable popularity in his native Philippines, where he has endorsed major brands such as McDonald's and San Miguel beer.

"The support of millions of Filipinos gives me more motivation and inspiration to focus and to work hard," he said.

"I'm always motivated every time I see the fans. The love of the fans gives me more motivation and determination train hard and to focus."

Pacquiao's forays outside the boxing ring have also led to him being elected to the House of Representatives in the Philippines and even into the music industry.

He has produced a cover of the Dan Hill ballad "Sometimes When We Touch," which he will showcase at an upcoming beach party at Mandalay Bay Beach Resort in Las Vegas.

"I really love music and every time I hear [it], I feel good, even if I'm tired," he said.

It is the match, however, that is his primary focus over the coming days as he trains his eyes on a victory on Saturday.