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La Liga strike goes to the wire

Barcelona's Lionel Messi: has the weekend off.
Barcelona's Lionel Messi: has the weekend off.
  • A proposed players' strike could postpone the start of the Spanish season
  • Football officials and players' representatives meet Friday to try to avoid a strike
  • It would be first strike of its kind since 1984
  • Majorca coach Michael Laudrup tells CNN he supports the players

(CNN) -- Football officials and players will hold last minute talks Friday to avert a strike that could see the start of the Spanish football season postponed for the first time in 27 years.

Representatives of the Spanish Football League (LFP) and the Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE) will make a final attempt to avoid a shut out, called due to the growing issue of unpaid wages.

If an agreement can't be reached, Spain's footballers will go on strike from Friday to Monday, effectively canceling the start of both the first and second divisions. Barcelona and Real Madrid will be the highest profile casualties of the postponement.

"We have made clear that all the players support the players' association," Barcelona striker David Villa told the Associated Press.

"If a solution is not found, we won't play."

I think it's ok what the players are doing now
--Majorca coach Michael Laudrup

The disagreement stems from Spain's bankruptcy laws, which allow for the payment of wages to be delayed like any other debt.

Six teams in Spain's top flight are currently under bankruptcy protection with the AFE dealing with the cases of over 200 players owed close to $72 million.

There has been almost universal support from players and coaches within the Spanish game.

When CNN spoke to former Danish international Michael Laudrup, who is now in charge of La Liga side Majorca, he pointed to the discrepancies between the riches of Barcelona, Real Madrid and the rest of Spanish football.

Laudrup: Strike action fair

"Not everything is Barca and Real Madrid here in Spain," he told CNN's World Sport.

"There are a lot of players not earning so much money and, of course, if they don't pay you in twelve months, well, you have to get a loan from the bank."

"I think it's ok what the players are doing now."

If agreement can't be reached Friday morning, the strike will go ahead as planned and the start of the Spanish season will be delayed for the first time since 1984.