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Djokovic eyes career Grand Slam

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Djokovic: 'Best year of my career'
  • Novak Djokovic speaks to CNN's World Sport
  • The newly-crowned U.S. Open champion vows to win the French Open in 2012
  • He has won three of the four Grand Slams this year
  • He describes 2011 as the "best year of my career"

(CNN) -- U.S. Open champion Novak Djokovic has vowed to win the French Open -- the only major championship he failed to win this year -- and in the process complete a career Grand Slam.

The 24-year-old Serb, talking to CNN after his four-set victory over Spain's Rafael Nadal at Flushing Meadows, believes his form is so good he can break Nadal's virtual monopoly on the clay court event.

"It is going to take a lot of effort. I don't think that I need to change anything specific in my game," Djokovic said.

"I need to believe. I need to get out there and go for my shots. I need to maintain that. It is not an easy thing to do. a slower surface in the sport and requires a different approach and Nadal has been winning the French Open for so many year in a row.

Can anybody break the dominance of Djokovic?

I closed my eyes and hit the ball as hard as I could, and luckily for me it went in
--Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic's fantastic year

"It is going to be difficult to win against him on that tournament. But I am confident that I have a better chance than I ever did next year."

Djokovic's victory in the U.S. Open was just the tip of what has been a remarkable year.

It is his third Grand Slam of 2011 following his triumphs at Wimbledon and the Australian Open. In total he has won 10 tournaments, playing 66 matches.

He has lost just twice this year.

"It will be a big challenge to do even half what I done this year for 2012," he told CNN.

"I'm still very young, very much motivated every time I step on the court. I have a huge will to win and this is something that keeps me going and I'll try and win as many majors as I can."

Reflecting on an almost perfect 2011, Djokovic believes that his incredible run has helped him win an advantage against the two players he views as his main rivals.

"It is obvious it has been the best year of my career," Djokovic told CNN.

"I think I matured as a player on the court, I have much more self belief. I'm using the confidence I had from the incredible run this year. When you are winning that many matches you obviously feel more comfortable on the court.

"When I'm playing my big rivals Federer and Nadal I'm stepping on the court and wanting to be aggressive and take my chances. It has been a dream run and a dream year and I'm enjoying every single moment of it."

Djokovic also described the moment when he saved two match points against Federer in the semifinals, a moment that turned the match and the tournament in his favor.

"It is hard to say that I have been very relaxed in that moment because I was two match points down and very close to losing and going home," he recalled.

"This is what happens at this level. When you're playing great champions like Federer and Nadal the guys are always playing their best at the later stages of major events.

"They have been so dominate in the last couple few years. You need to come up with those shots.

"I closed my eyes and hit the ball as hard as I could, and luckily for me it went in."