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The most popular Google+ user? It's Facebook's Zuckerberg

Doug Gross
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg joined competitor Google+ and so far has become its most popular user.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg joined competitor Google+ and so far has become its most popular user.
  • Google+ challenges Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg is its most popular user
  • Facebook CEO has 29,000 "followers," 10,000 more than Google's CEO
  • Tech world figures fill out the Google+ top 100, not celebrities

(CNN) -- So, based on the buzz, Google+ is the geek-chic social-networking upstart that's going to challenge Facebook, right?

Then why is the most popular person on the fledgling service ... Mark Zuckerberg?

As of Tuesday morning, the Facebook CEO, who surprised some folks by being one of the first to create a Google+ account, had 29,543 "followers" on the site.

That's nearly 10,000 more than Google CEO Larry Page, who clocked in at 19,878 friends for second place, according to the Google+ social statistics page.

Google unveiled its long-anticipated social network last week. Since then, it's been opened up to journalists, bloggers and others in the tech community, but not yet to the general public.

A look at the site's 100 most-followed users provides a snapshot of its nascent population.

After Zuckerberg and Page, the top 10 is rounded out with four more prominent Google staffers (co-founder Sergey Brin, engineers Vic Gundotra, Matt Cutts and Bradley Horowitz) and tech journalists Robert Scoble, Leo Laporte, MG Siegler and Gina Trapani.

Web publications like Mashable and The Next Web also made the list.

This part probably won't last. But, in a world in which Gaga and Bieber own Twitter, it was refreshing to see a top-100 that was virtually celebrity-free.

Actress, web-series creator and geek icon Felicia Day appeared to be the only person to qualify, taking the No. 39 spot with 2,587 followers.

Let's just hope Nathan Fillion gets there before Ashton Kutcher.


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